Postdoc Fellowship a Milano

Il Laboratorio di Biologia delle Cellule Staminali e Farmacologia delle Malattie Neurodegenerative offre una posizione per ricercatore senior, con formazione ed esperienza in biologia molecolare, biologia cellulare e genome editing.

Postdoc fellowship – Single cell genome analysis of the human telencephalon and stem cell differentiation project

We are looking for a senior scientist, with scientific background and expertise in molecular biology, cell biology, as well as in genome editing. The candidate should have excellent interpersonal, organizational, management, and communication skills.

Knowledge in the following domains will also be positively considered:
· hES and iPS cells cultures: propagation using different culture systems. Genetic modification. Neuronal differentiation protocols. 3D differentiation using “organoids” cultures. hES/iPS differentiation in multiple lineages.
· in vivo techniques such as micro-dissections, tissue processing, in situ hybridizations, fluorescence microscopy.

Applicants should be highly motivated, communicative and inventive and have a relevant Ph.D. in stem cell biology, molecular biology, gene expression, developmental biology, neurobiology or other relevant area. Experience in coordinating and participating in multidisciplinary research projects will be considered an important asset. The researcher will be responsible for the project with the funding agency and will be involved in intercontinental meetings and congresses.

Candidates should submit their CV, and contact information to the lab secretary office:

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Appello in favore di Ahmadreza Djalali

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