UNISTEM DAY: a eight years long story


While waiting to find out what the 8th edition of UNISTEM DAY will reserve us, we retrace the most significant moments of this story: people, events and actions that have left a mark in every single edition. Here are the main steps that have allowed the diffusion of UNISTEM event on European soil.

This story began March 27, 2009, in Milan with the first edition of Unistem Day: an opportunity to learn, discover, and share information about stem cell research, with the special guest Charles Sabine, war correspondent for NBC News and witness of the important role of research on Huntington’s Disease.

In 2011 the event involved also Rome, Turin and Florence, historic capitals of Italy, symbolically unite in the name of science. As evidence of that unity, Giorgio Napolitano, President of The Italian Republic from 2006 to 2015, addressed a strong message of encouragement to the participating students: diffusion of science is the engine for the cultural future of the country.

The attention around UNISTEM DAY was growing  and a year later, in March 2012, the event involved twenty Italian universities: thousands of high school students met not only the world of research and its protagonists, but also famous sports personalities, as the world champion Paolo Rossi, to remember the invisible link between values in sports and scientific research.

The edition of 2013, dedicated to the memory of the scientist and senator for life Rita Levi Montalcini, coincides with the “landing in Europe” of UNISTEM DAYwelcome to Spanish and Great Britain’s universities!

 Among scientist and researchers, even the actor Marco Paolini attended the event in the University of Milan.

In 2014 UNISTEM DAY has become one of the most relevant scientific event in Europe, with more than 15000 students involved and 47 participating universities: here we remember the memorable speech of Roberto Cingolani, director of IIT  (Italian Institute of Technology) of Genoa, that catapults us into the world of “infinitely small”, talking about human nanotechnology.

Here we are at the last edition, UNISTEM DAY 2015. Various scientific issues and a special focus on relationship between science and information, analyzing blackouts and consequences of scientific disinformation. We reccomend the entertaining and enlightening speech of Dr. Salvo Di Grazia, which in Milan unveiled some of the many hoaxes that circulate on the net.

What about 2016? The 8th edition of UNISTEM DAY is coming and will be held in a few week: Friday, March 11.  Follow us on Facebook e Twitter for updates.
See you there!

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