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March 22, 2024 – SAVE THE DATE!

UniStem Day is an event for the dissemination and outreach of stem cell science and research. It is targeted to high school students and involves the collaboration of Universities and Research Centers as organizing Entities.

UniStem Day provides an opportunity to foster learning, discovery and debate in the field of stem cell research. High school students and teachers are involved in many activities regarding research.

All events under the UniStem Day flag, happen on the same day: in 2024 the event will be organized on Friday, March 22. 

How to join

A few things that you need to know to organize your UniStem Day

1 – UniStem Day is a format for science outreach and has been running since 2009. In the years preceding the pandemic, UniStem Day involved up to 99 Universities and Research Centers from over 60 cities in 10 European Countries, Australia, Colombia and Singapore. The event reaches around 35.000 students yearly.

2 – The UniStem Day network yearly opens up to welcome new Universities and Research Centers. Each participating University has to manage its event locally invite and involve students, teachers and speakers, organize logistics and promote communications on social media and other media. In the case of more participating entities in one Country, one national coordinator is identified.

3 – UniStem Day is about stem cell research. Within this topic, each University and Research Centre is free to shape its own program. The Day should be presented and moderated by one/two presenters (maybe a professor), with very good communicative skills, especially toward young generations and should include other scientists in a nice and coherent program of talks or activities. Having fun while learning is also important: videos, organized live interactions with students from another Country, quizzes, and much more are important elements that contribute to the success of the event.

The event should be as inclusive, engaging and inspiring as possible.

4 – The UniStem Centre at the University of Milan acts as coordinator of all scheduled events and as a point of reference for all of the participating Universities. It helps by providing common resources for all participating entities, such as videos, logos and other UniStem-branded items and makes sure that all events organized collectively have a wider impact.

Contact us for more information and to join the UniStem Day network in 2024!

UniStem Team
Elena Cattaneo, Tiziana Turrisi, Rafael Ugarte Chacón

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