About Us

Founded in 2006 by Prof. Elena Cattaneo (Department of Pharmacological Sciences), Prof. Giulio Cossu (Department of Biology), Prof. Fulvio Gandolfi (Department of Animal Sciences) and Prof. Ivan Torrent (Department of Neurological Sciences) , the Interdepartmental Centre for Stem Cell Research of University of Milano (UNISTEM) aims to integrate, coordinate and promote access to information relating to the study of stem cells and their potential application. In addition, the center promotes research on the biology of stem cells and their possible applications in medicine, pharmacology, toxicology and veterinary use: one of the most exciting and promising fields of biology and modern medicine. The main objectives are dissemination  targeted to the general public at the regional level, high school and those who are interested in the subject,eventhough not directly active in the field of stem cells .

The Centre’s activity is realized through various initiatives:

Promoting and supporting  outreach activities at all levels (Study days, lectures, days dedicated to high schools students).

Establish a channel of communication between the scientific community of the University and civil society at regional, national and European level through the collection and dissemination of scientific and technical information to all potentially interested parties.

Finally, the Centre has progressively structured to be able to communicate in an innovative and updated way , mixing  with other fields of knowledge (theater, cinema) to reach and inform audiences.

Current members of the scientific committee