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Animal research: a scientific point

Science and animal research

Animal testing is an extremely  important topic. No one would like it, but at the moment is necessary and indispensable. How can the effect of molecules on brain be studied, without using animals? Today we can’t. This is the main point of an article published on the italian newspaper “Repubblica.it” by the university professor and Senator Elena Cattaneo.


Thanks to science we have learned to calibrate numbers, doses and functions, avoiding any suffering for animals.” Fortunately, in fact, science innovations permit more useful experiments and more bearable conditions for animals. Research is very different from the past: less animals, less suffering and more reliable results.

We need to discuss this topic, because, said the author, “if today we can treat effecictively deadly infectious diseases, reduce severe pain, stabilize mood, save our children and defeat some forms of cancer, we need to work even on animals “. So, don’t forget the importance of animal testing in medicine and research.

Fonte: Repubblica.it

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