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The Cell and the Individual in the Human Genomic Era

January 22nd, 2016

UniStem is pleased to announce the next UniStem workshop “The cell and the individual in the human genomic era” that will be held in Milan on January 22nd


UniStem Workshops

Twice a year, UniStem organizes workshops related to specific aspects of research with stem cells where specialists illustrate their fields of research. These workshops represent a moment for debate and anaylisis for teachers, students and youg researchers.


The complexity of neurological diseases

June 13th, 2014

UniStem is glad to announce that the 16° UniStem Workshop,  The complexity of neurological diseases: what room for stem cells?, will […]


The frontier of stem cells therapy

October 11th, 2013

UniStem is glad to announce that the 15° UniStem Workshop, The frontier of stem cells therapy,  will be held on October 11th, […]


Epigenetics and stem cells

May, 17th 2013

14° UniStem workshop on stem cells


Therapies and clinical perspectives of stem cells

October, 11th 2013

15° UniStem Workshop on stem cells


Reprogramming: beyond iPS

June, 8th 2012

13° UniStem workshop on stem cells


Stem cells from clinic to biology and back

January, 20th 2012

12° UniStem workshop on stem cells


Stem cells and clinical trials

June, 24th 2011

11° UniStem Workshop on stem cells