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UniStem Lectures


UniStem Lectures

Twice a year, UniStem invites the most prestigious international researchers to give lectures on the most current topics.


XI UniStem Lecture: Malin Parmar

Tuesday, April 29th 2014

UniStem is glad to announce: XI UniStem Lecture, “Direct conversion of functional neurons in vivo and in vitro ” held by Prof. […]


X UniStem Lecture: Anders Björklund

September 23rd, 2013

Prof. Björklund’s research has been concerned with reparative and neuroprotective mechanisms in the CNS using cell replacement and gene transfer techniques.


IX UniStem Lecture: Oliver Brüstle

April 12th 2013

A key focus of Prof. Brüstle research is the derivation of defined neurons and glia from pluripotent embryonic stem cells (ES cells). The group explore the potential of these cells to integrate into the nervous system and to contribute to functional repair.

Christine Mummary ok

Cardiovascular derivatives of pluripotent stem cells in disease and drug discovery

October 13th, 2011

Christine Mummery is Professor of Developmental Biology and Head of the Department of Anatomy and Embryology. Most of her research focuses on using mouse embryonic stem cells and embryos to study growth and differentiation in early development


Modelling Human Neural Development And Disease in Pluripotent Stem cells, Dr Lorenz Studer

April 12th 2011

7° UniStem Lecture by Dr Lorenz Studer (Sloan – Kettering Institute)

Azim Surani

Germ Line, Stem Cell and Epigenetic Reprogramming, Prof. Azim Surani

October 27th 2010

6° UniStem Lecture by Prof Azim Surani (Gurdon Insitute, Cambridge)


Controlling stem cells in health and disease, Prof. Ron McKay

April, 13th 2010

5° UniStem Lecture by Prof. Ron Mckay (Laboratory of Molecular Biology, NINDS,Bethesda)


California and the Global Revolution in Stem Cell Sciences, Pro. Alan Trounson

May 18th 2009

4° UniStem Lecture by Prof. Alan Trounson (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine di San Francisco CIRM)